Through these spaces, CEA is the spokesperson for affiliated companies vis-à-vis the governments of the United States and Colombia.

Spaces for discussion with relevant figures from both the public and private sector in which the messages, impacts and concerns of the affiliated companies are conveyed. Simultaneously affiliates obtain up-to-date, first-hand information of high interest. 

Spaces to generate discussions about topics of interest following CEA’s lines of work: Sustainability and CSR, Human Talent, Security and Stability for Direct US Foreign Investment. 

In compliance with our duties as the Colombia Country Council of OSAC, we create spaces that allow affiliated companies to be informed on security matters happening at the national level, and to exchange information and common experiences that fulfill isolated or joint actions useful in corporate security. 

Strategic connections between our Affiliates are essential to create opportunities to work together and strengthen existing relationships.

Exclusive meeting spaces for the CEOs of our affiliated companies and their companions where business and / or personal relationships are strengthened in a pleasant and entertaining environment.

An event in recognition of those who are the right hand of the leaders of our affiliated companies, offering a space for amusement, which contributes to the generation and strengthening of personal and professional ties between them. 

The largest CEA Networking Event that provides high-level relationships through sports activities such as Golf, Tennis, Bowling, 5K Race, 10K Race and Yoga, Zumba and Spinning Fitness activities to end the day with attractive raffles and a spectacular lunch to share.

Spaces to deepen the business and social relationships between the management teams of the companies affiliated to the CEA through interactive and inclusive networking activities. 

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