We assist companies in their specific needs related to their productive sectors.

We manage the prioritized approach for companies affiliated with the authorities and key figures of the Colombian Government and authorities, also the Offices of the United States Embassy in Colombia and other public or private actors according to their economic activities.

We provide direct access to the security reports produced by the Colombian authorities and at the same time we use support mechanisms in security and mobility so that companies can exchange information and give notice of threats to their security so that the authorities act with greater efficiency and speed at your notice.

We offer access to meeting rooms to encourage Co-working with a maximum capacity of 40 people and virtual ones with a maximum capacity of 250 people. 

M-F: 8:30 am to 6:00 pm

We promote the construction of alliances to articulate sustainability actions among our affiliates

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It is the articulation strategy through which, Hands for Change, US companies affiliated to CEA are accompanied in their planning, articulation, and execution of sustainability actions, to promote the construction of alliances and joint action between companies. with the aim of achieving a greater impact on social investment projects, plans, and strategies aligned with its strategy, value propositions, and organizational identity.


In the articulation of efforts for the construction and development of social projects the human, technical and financial resources are channeled from different sources such as international cooperation agencies, official entities, and companies affiliated to the CEA.

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