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The CEA provides spaces for the affiliated companies to interact between each other, share best practices and learning, and be able to approach the different levels of the Colombian Government and the American Diplomatic Representation in our country.


Currently, CEA assemble the following Committees:




  • Security CEA – OSAC Colombia Country Council 

  • Sustainability (Corporate Social Responsibility)

  • Human Talent 

  • Health





  • Corporate Affairs 

  • Tax 

  • Transparency 

  • Intellectual Property 

  • Legal 

  • Communications



This is a space of close conversation with a relevant character from private or public sector, according with the Hot Topics defined monthly by the Board of Directors, to convey the messages, impacts, concerns and/or to obtain information from high interest for US companies affiliated with the CEA.



Exclusive spaces for high level relationships and with peers.


Super Friday:

Is the most important networking event of the Council. A full day of sporting and social activities, healthy and fun, where all the members of the affiliated company, all their collaborators, their spouses and special guests, can participate.

CEONet Cooking Plan:


CEONet is a program created by the Board of Directors, to generate spaces for professional and social networking, exclusively for Country Managers and Managing Directors of our affiliated companies. The CEONet Cooking Plan brings together small groups of CEOs and their spouses in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere (maximum 16 people).


Tribute to Assistant Presidents:


It is an annual event to recognize the silent but very important daily work of these executives of the affiliate companies, and also for facilitate networking among them, so important for our affiliated companies.

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